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Strengthen Your Copy By Sharing Your Story

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Raise your hand if you're a creative introvert... (that was a mental raise, wasn't it?)

Your introversion is not a weakness, so stop treating it like one!

You have goals and big plans for your life! It’s time to start acting like the entrepreneur you are by discovering your brand voice and crafting a website that highlights your message so you can start living the life you envision. After all, your website markets you 24/7.

It should be making you money. 

Time to unleash your BOLD whispers... Ready?

Why Copywriting?

With the countless tasks you take on when building your business, it’s easy to leave message development and copywriting til the last minute. But that is the absolute WORST thing for your business!

Your website design and beautiful branding photos are not enough to sell YOU. You need copy and content that connects, helping you gain your customer’s trust while positioning yourself as a likeable expert.

If potential customers can’t understand your message, they won’t buy from you, meaning you don’t have a business… just an expensive hobby.

Not sure how to sell yourself with words? Does self promotion stir up those fraudy feelings? Hand it over to someone who does, a copywriter, like me! 

I help you unlock the power of words inside your head, so you can communicate with those who need what you offer. Let’s get you out of the busy behind the scenes work and into your zone of genius, consistently working with dreamy clients.

Working with a dedicated copywriter can help you achieve the following:

Attract Your People

Find and speak the words that pull in your ideal clients. They're out there looking for what you have. Show them!

Clarify Your Message

End the cycle of stumbling over your messaging. You need to understand your story before they can.

Boost Your Sales

Get words that increase your income so you can spend more time doing the work, and less time thinking about it.

Launch Strong

Launch a product or service with words that inspire your customers to take action, without the icky feeling of being sold to.

Build Your Lists

Learn how to engage your email list with content that will keep them around for more than just that freebie.

Restore Your Confidence

With words this strong, who has time for self doubt? A clear message ignites confidence.

Ways I Can Help

I work with creative introverts to define their brand story and craft website copy that helps them achieve their business goals. Together, we discover your inner strengths, get crystal clear on your messaging and transform your so-called “weakness” into a powerful story that is uniquely yours, bringing your genius front and center, staying true to your voice and core values. 

Showing up doesn’t have to be loud, but it most certainly is BOLD.

Business Story Branding

A 4 week 1:1 intensive to help you gain clarity on your business story so you can create with purpose and confidence. You receive your entire website copy written by me.

Life Story Branding

A holistic approach to owning your power and designing the life you desire.

(Coming soon!)

Have a Specific Copy Project?

Don't need any coaching? Contact me to discuss your specific web copy needs. Schedule a chat to see if we're a good fit.